Travel Coffee Mugs That Keep Your Coffee Hot For A Real Long Time

Looking for a really high end travel mug? Something that’s sure to keep your coffee hot for as long as you need it to stay hot? The following mugs are about as good it gets in terms of thermal heat retention. They will keep your drinks hot for hours and warm for a full day in most cases.

Quick tip – If you preheat the inside of these mugs before you add your coffee they perform even better. :)

In most cases the above mugs are going to be perfect for just about anyone but even still some people prefer mugs that use as little plastic as others. Some want mugs that are no just leak proof but spill proof as well. I for one prefer lids that are easy to take apart and clean.

Although every mug listed above will keep your drinks hot for longer than most cheap mugs you’ll find at any store any day of the week you may still want to know how they work.

In short cheaper mugs that keep drinks warm use a double walled system. Between the walls is air. The cheapest mugs use plastic walls while better mugs typically employ steel, ceramic, or porcelain.

The next step in insulated travel mugs is when the construction of the double walled chamber is filled with an insulated foam. Foam is a better insulation than air but it isn’t usually good enough to keep a drink hot all day. These are usually the mugs that keep your drinks hot for an hour or two.

When you step up to vacuum sealed double wall chambers the insulative effect improves even more. Many vacuum sealed travel mugs can easily keep your drinks hot for many hours so long as the mug is made of stainless steel and the lid is well designed to retain heat.

In many cases only a few vacuum sealed travel mugs can keep drinks warm for 24 hours. These tend to be larger too.

If you want a a different type of container to keep coffee hot for a long time then there are some additional options which I’ve listed blow. These tend to be carafes or vacuum sealed bottles that you don’t drink out of but they do serve their purpose well.

In most cases the larger mugs and tumblers will keep drinks hotter longer but only if they are filled all the way up in the first place.

My buddy over at Stovepreso is always talking about moka and the high end stovetop espresso makers that make it but what is not obvious up front is that these things only make a small bit of “really” potent coffee.

If you use a big 16-20oz mug for these then they simply won’t work as well. Espresso is meant to be drunk faster than a large mug of coffee is.

If you are looking to keep espresso or smaller amounts of coffee hot for a long time then you can see my selections for these on the following page.